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Wake Up In The Morning, Thanking The Stars Im Still Alive.

I Must Be Doing Something Right To Rise  Above The Sky!

As I Take A Deep Breath, I Step Up Off My Bed.

Visions Of Last Night Still Running Through My Head.

Was It The Blow? Was It The Hoes? To Make My Soul To Have A Hole?

Still Tryna Catch My Breath As Ima Racing Out The Door.

Seeing All The Pain, And The Hate In The Eyes Of Our Nation.

Is The Reason Why Im Here Tryna Spread The Love N Peace To The Simple Minds Of These Patience!

One Love Is How I Live, Cant Judge Or Be Misleading.

Taking The Minds That Are Simple And Teaching Them This Riddle.

So As You Wake Up Out Of Bed, Thank The Stars Your Still Alive,

Dont Leave Room In Yer Soul For Holes To Grow, They Only Creates Lies.